DIGITONE Call Blocker - Blocking Phone Calls of Any Number Made Easy with Digitone

From The Inventors of Automatic Call Blocking

The Original Phone Call Blocker - Block all unwanted calls with Digitone's ProSeries Call Blocker model. The ProSeries Blocker can block calls from Cell Phones, Faxes & Telemarketing Numbers 800, 855, 866, 877, 888 and Exchanges like 555 and 000 not blocked by the National Do Not Call registry or your Telephone Service Provider. Works with your Caller ID Service to Automatically Eliminate All Unwanted Callers! Block calls originating from any country or area code.

Blocks Any Number From Anywhere!

Block Whole Area Codes or Individual Numbers. Guaranteed To Block Cell Phones, Pay Phones, Calling Cards, Unknown, Anonymous, Unavailable and Out of Area Callers. Works in Mexico, Canada, and with All U.S. Phone Companies with standardized phone lines, FIOS, DSL, Cable modems or VoIP Phone Adapters from Vonage, Magic Jack, Skype, Ooma & Cell Phone Wireless Gateways. Available here at Digitone's OrderPage.

No Fees to own

There are No Fees to own these devices. Note: We are not a call blocking service. We only sell Call Management products for your home or office. Also, to utilize the Free National Do Not Call Registry, go to Do Not Call Registry to list your phone numbers on the donotcall list or FTC Federal Trade Commission to report any violations. These award winning call blocking devices are built to withstand any harassing phone caller calling from anywhere.