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How the Digitone ProSeries Blocker works

The Digitone ProSeries Blocker (DPB) was designed for those who want an automatic way using Caller ID service to block unwanted calls yet allow all others to ring their phones. The DPB has a 1,000 number memory for blocking unwanted calls including individuals or area codes and a 50 number VIP Caller List for preferred callers in After Hours mode.   Each memory slot can be used for whole area codes (10 Million numbers), exchanges (10,000 numbers) or individual numbers.  30 Day Money Back Guaranteed*.

Blocked callers by default are Spoofed, Out of Area, Unavailable, Private, Anonymous, Name Not Provided, Unknown, No Name at all, and no number at all. This model is the perfect choice for all customers who simply want freedom from all unsolicited calls and faxes. Block unwanted calls based on their phone number using Caller ID service from your phone company.

The DPB works in Mexico, Canada and with all U.S. phone companies with standardized analog phone lines, DSL, Cable modems or VoIP (digital) phone service adapters, like FIOS, Vonage, Skype, Magic Jack, Ooma, Uverse and Cell Phone Gateways.

NOTE: Caller ID Name and/or Number service from your phone company is required in order for the DPB to work automatically.  Operation of the DPB also requires reading and understanding of the Operations Manual. 

The DPB system is an advanced OS with full programmability of many desired functions and requires users reading the Operations Manual in order to familiarize themselves with all the capabilities of the DPB.

The Digitone ProSeries Blocker comes from the factory preset to allow all callers with a valid phone number to ring through like normal and then screens your calls based on a Blocked Caller List you prepare. Blocked unwanted calls Unknown, Unavailable, Out of Area, Anonymous, Private or any name without a phone number and will be hung up on.  Also, the phones throughout your home or office will continue to ring on Invited calls until the ninth ring, when the call blocker will answer the call and hang up to prevent a caller from tying up the line. Alternatively, if you miss your Invited caller, your combo phone/answer machine or your phone company's voice mail service will take a message for you.  

Digitone ProSeries Blocker Features:

* Digitone Winner of 
Consumer Reports  Robocall Blocker review.
* Memory for blocking - 1,000 individual numbers or whole area codes
* Back Lighted 3-Line Display with NAME and NUMBER, Time/Date & New Calls.
* Blocking of Exchanges like "555"
* Automatic Memory Management of all Blocked Numbers
* Virtual Memory allows old blocked numbers to be deleted automatically
* Calls Ring Thru like Normal with repeated Caller ID to All Connected Phones
* Blocks Out Of Area, Private, Anonymous & Unknown callers by default
* First Ring Suppression - Your Phone Won't Ring on Blocked Calls
* Caller ID History of recent calls and Call Status of Invited, VIP or Blocked
* Block calls instantly to Blocked Call List as they are ringing in with Block Button
* Block up to 20 Names besides Numbers, like Unavailable, Name Not Provided
* Five Operating Modes: Standard, Business, Select , After Hours and Standby
* Select Mode lets you decide who rings through while others go to Voice Mail
* Works with DSL, FIOS, Cable Modems or Digital Services from VoIP Telcos
* PBX extension numbers 1-6 digits pass through for business systems
* Invited and VIP number lists to 50 numbers each, area codes & wildcard strings 
* Fully Programmable using your Phone to load Numbers you want Blocked
* Non-Volatile Memory keeps all numbers & settings stored when unpowered
* Wall Mount Bracket included with desktop setting or for wall mounting
* Amazon Best Seller #1 Top Rated 

The Digitone ProSeries Blocker is effective at eliminating these unwanted calls:

· Telemarketers 800, 855, 866, 877, 888
· Scammers from 876 Jamaica
· Exchanges including 555, 000, 111
· Junk Fax Calls
· Cell or Pay Phones
· Hang-Ups Dead Air
· Surveyors
· Collection agencies
· Political organizations

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